10 Things Cats Hate The Most!

We love cats, just as much as they love us...even though they don't smile at us, but they truly do love us. But on this post, we will talk about the top 10 things cats hate.

1. High pitch sounds- yes cats can hear low pitch sounds just like us, but they can hear high pitched sounds better than humans. Their range can even be better than dogs. Loud music, ambulance sirens, hair dryers, or vacuum sounds are some of the high pitch sounds cats truly hate. That's why don't scream in their ears!

2. Low temperatures- cats love temperatures that are 20 degrees higher than human temperatures. A cats coat isn't made to protect them from low temperature, but their coat is to protect their skin from high temperature.

3. Water- cats don't really need a bath. They, however do need water to drink, and the water needs to be fresh water or they can get urinary tract infection.

4. Surprise- cat jumps alot because they hate surprises. They may not be afraid of bottle you placed next to them unexpectedly, but the fact that they didn't see the bottle expectedly, which surprises them and jump or runaway. It's best not to ever scare your cats, because this can cause anxiety.

5. Stale food- cats usually would eat new canned food, but after a few hours, chances is that they don't want it anymore. If you see your cat playing with their food, it's more than likely stale or just don't like the flavor.

6. Dirty litter box- cats are some of the cleanest pets and they devote themselves throughout the day by self-grooming. Let alone, having a dirty litter box will surely push them away.

7. Certain smells- gas is one of the smells cats hate! Never take them to the gas station, it's probably one of their places they hate going to. Onions and vinegars are also some scents they cannot stand.

8. Strangers- cats, like dogs are very territorial. When they have surprise visitors or strangers around, they hide. However, if they grew up to be in a social environment when they were little, then this wouldn't be much of a problem.

9. Riding in a car- cats usually like their daily routine at home, and when taken on a trip, this usually ruins their daily routine at home. They definitely gets stressed out being in an unfamiliar place.

10. Balloons- yes...if you are having a birthday party at home, it's best to just have your cat hang out in your bedroom. They see balloons as an intruder and see balloons as someone they cannot defeat. 

There you go, the top 10 things cats hate. But that's just 10...let's not really consider cats as high maintenance. Just make sure you keep these things away from cats. 

Hope you enjoy the top 10 list cats hate! Talk to you later paw pals!